a chapter of the National Community College Hispanic Council


COLEGAS is comprised of Latinx professionals who, through intentional advocacy and coalition building, lead and influence transformative systemic change within the California Community College system. We seek to foster and empower Latinx professionals through mentorship, networking, and professional development to ascend and assume leadership roles at the highest influential levels to eradicate systems of oppression to provide opportunities and close the equity gap for Latinx students in higher education.

COLEGAS at Santa Rosa Junior College for the Fall 2019 Summit


To lead statewide and local efforts to ensure an equitable experience for Latinx students and professionals, so they can thrive and accomplish their academic and professional goals in the California Community College system.

“Thank you for offering this powerful opportunity. It’s the first time I’ve been in a space where like minded Latinx educational leaders focused on making a transformative impact for Latinx student success!”

~ Spring 2019 Summit Attendee

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“I cannot overstate how incredibly grateful I am for the space to connect with Latinx colleagues. I always leave our time together feeling inspired.”

~ Fall 2019 Summit Attendee