The COLEGAS Institute is a transformational Latinx professional development talleres/workshop series aimed to empower community colleges with new culturally relevant ways to change existing practices to ensure the elimination of racial equity gaps.


The COLEGAS Institute is designed to provide talleres/workshops that:

  • Provide culturally responsive practices for Community College Professionals that support Latin@/x/e students and lead to Transformative System Change.
  • Provide customized workshops to address and close equity gaps for Latin@/x/e students in higher education.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for colleagues to dig in deeper to COLEGAS webinar topics and apply information to respective individual campuses.


Talleres Details

Travel & Accomodations

Cost & Enrollment

The cost of a COLEGAS Institute Taller/Workshop for the 2023-2024 year will be $6,000 for each Taller/Workshop. Each college team may bring up to five (5) participants per Taller/Workshop.

Day At-a-Glance


California Community College Professionals, Staff, Faculty, Administrators, Trustees and Higher Education Partners with the goal to walk away as informed leaders.

Recommended Audience will vary on selected taller/workshop.

Number of Participants

Each Taller/Workshop can host up to six (6) college teams. Each college team may bring up to five (5) participants.

Pace and Length

1 Eight (8) hour taller/workshop during the weekday. 9am-5pm (30 min lunch).


Selected Talleres will be held in person at either: Fullerton CollegeChabot College or a synchronous, virtual workshop via Zoom meeting

Key Elements

Will vary on selected taller/workshop.

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